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Perspectives on Sexuality

Perspectives on Sexuality What social/environmental factors affect sexual attitudes in the United > States today? > > proper grammar and quality is required. > > use subtitles and have two references (that is the attached book and one > more psychology related book to the question) > > 300 words. > cas-our_sexuality_12e.pdf<> ……………………Answer Preview……………….. Perspectives … Read more

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Progress

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Progress The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has made a number of strides in recent years, including 2011. The department’s organization and cooperation with other agencies continues to strengthen. Read the article discussing the success of the DHS in 2011 located at Write a 11 page paper in … Read more

Researching Social Media tool

Researching Social Media tool We are all socially connected. Some of us like to be so more than others. Technology allows us to do this in a variety of ways. In this assignment, you will learn to use a new technology that helps you become socially connected. This technology can take the form of instant … Read more

Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children Case

Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children Case assignment is to gather as much information as possible concerning the “Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children Case.”  Sources are more than plentiful regarding this investigation.  Once you have gathered this information, you are to: Write a five-page research paper, using 12 pt. font and double spacing. Include a title … Read more

Ethical Vulnerable Population in Human Subject Research Create a Table or Chart

Ethical Vulnerable Population in Human Subject Research Create a Table or Chart Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment: Explain the roles and functions of an Institutional Review Board Delineate the role of the health information professional in research and IRB activities Discuss the process to be taken for research Apply IRB processes and policies List … Read more

Court order in substance abuse records

Why would a court order be required in the case of substance abuse records rather than a subpoena duces tecum?       ………….Answer Preview…………… Subpoena ducas tecum is a type of court order that requires an individual to go to court carrying with him or her some named documents. Subpoena is actually required by … Read more

one interview report, leadership, MBA

one interview report, leadership, MBA   Interview questions 1. When you think about times that you had good leadership, what specific leader behaviors contributed to how you performed? 2. Have you ever had a bad leadership experience? What in your opinion went wrong and how would you change it if you had the chance? 3. … Read more

PSY304: Lifespan Development Final research paper

PSY304: Lifespan Development Final research paper Ashford 6: – Week 5 – Final Paper Final Paper Below is a list from which you will select one topic for the Week Two assignment, another topic for the Week Three assignment, and a third topic for both the Outline of the Final Paper and the Final Paper.  … Read more

Help with question

For this assignment, choose only one topic below and write your essay based on the topic of your choice. Make sure to develop your essay using authors from our course readings from weeks one through four. 1.  Explain several of the tensions and conflicts that arose among the earliest settlers in the colonies and each … Read more

International values and the Hofstede dimensions

After Reading the section in Chapter 5 on international values and the Hofstede dimensions, and after reviewing information on individual behavior from Chapters 1–4, select one country other than the United States (U.S.). Then research the Kaplan library or the Internet to find additional information on that country. In your Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation address the … Read more

Cultural Autobiography

Cultural Autobiography The purpose of this assignment is to illustrate recognition of your own cultural background and how your worldview has been shaped by your family, role models and life experiences. This autobiography will help you express an appreciation for your own cultural identity and discover potential areas of development. Begin by defining individuals that … Read more

Accepting Cultural Differences

Accepting Cultural Differences Earl Whitecloud is an American high-school student. He is constantly teased and bullied by his classmates because he occasionally wears clothing that represents his Native-American heritage. As a result, Earl spends most of his time at school alone, is absent far more than the average student, and performs poorly at school. As … Read more

Theories of human development – Outline of the Final Paper

Theories of human development – Outline of the Final Paper For this assignment you are to examine a topic of lifespan development connecting research and life. Below is a list of topics from which you are to select one for the Outline of the Final Paper and the Final Paper. Make sure that the topic … Read more

Aging & Disability Work Sheet

Aging & Disability Work Sheet Identify 2 or 3 issues faced by the aging population. Answer the following questions in 100 to 200 words each. Provide citations for all the sources you use. ·  What is ageism? How does ageism influence the presence of diversity in society? ·  What is the Americans with Disabilities Act … Read more

Compare and contrast,, and one other auction site

Compare and contrast,, and one other auction site Instead look at “alibaba”, “e-bay” and find one other online auction source. Compare and contrast the sites and write a 500 word “report” on those sites. …………….Answer Preview……………. Company comparisons EBay is the customary possessor of online auction sites. It is the principal and the … Read more

Views of nature expressed by Emerson and Thoreau

Analyze the views of nature expressed by Emerson and Thoreau in this week’s readings Part 1: Analyze the views of nature expressed by Emerson and Thoreau in this week’s readings. Then compare and contrast them to one another. You might also want to apply these themes of nature to overall thought of the Transcendentalists as … Read more

Why is academic integrity important in scholarly writing?

Please address and demonstrate within the actual paper, the topics listed below. You have a minimum of 1,000 words to complete the paper.  Please note, this is an academic writing assignment, and your assertions must be based on research on this topic, not only your own opinions and experiences.  Please plan to use a minimum … Read more

Policy Analysis I Paper

Policy Analysis I Paper With your instructor’s approval, choose a current federal, state, or local issue that directly affects public policy pertaining to the criminal justice system. HUMAN TRAFFICKING POLICY Write a 700-1050-word paper in which you analyze the issue and related policy. Be sure to address to following points in your analysis on HUMAN TRAFFICKING … Read more

Note Taking Assignment Methods for a class

Note-Taking Assignment Instructions While viewing/listening to a lecture from one of your courses or a sermon from your church, you will take notes using the Cornell Method, a traditional outline method, or a visual map. You will then write a 1–2-paragraph summary that answers the following: Why did you choose Cornell, Outline, or Visual Map? … Read more

Motivation Concepts “Phycology”

Motivation Concepts “Phycology” Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis addressing the following topics: Choose one theory from the table. Theory 1) Describe how this theory would and would not be applicable if applied to two or more workplace situations from your experience. Theory 2) In the instance when the theory was not applicable to your … Read more

Write a two pages (500 word) essay to the following question.

Write a two pages (500 word) essay to the following question. Why is the setting of the play Fences important? Make sure to go back to the introduction of the play and compare Wilson’s view of the European immigrants with that of African Americans in the same decade. In works of narrative (especially fictional and including plays), the literary element setting includes the historical moment … Read more

Elements of Contract

Elements of Contract Suppose that the Fabulous Hotel hires you as head chef under a two-year employment contract. After two years, another hotel wants to hire you. However, in the original employment contract you signed with the Fabulous Hotel, the following paragraph appears: “The below-signed agrees not to work as a chef for another hotel … Read more

200 word the self and communication discussion

200 word the self and communication discussion The “Self” and Communication In Chapter 2 of your text, Bevan & Sole (2014) lay out many psychological concepts concerning the “self.” These key elements of human psychology are central to how we communicate with ourselves (intrapersonal communication) and others (interpersonal communication). Prepare: As you prepare to write your … Read more

200 words on improving verbal communication

200 words on improving verbal communication In Chapter 4 of your text, titled Verbal and Nonverbal Communication: Making Every Word and Gesture Matter, Bevan & Sole (2014) discuss the power of language and how verbal communication can affect interpersonal relationships. The authors also mention ways you can improve your verbal communication. Prepare: As you prepare to … Read more

Roles of immigrants, women, and children in the New Age of American Industry

Roles of immigrants, women, and children in the New Age of American Industry Describe the working conditions and roles of immigrants, women, and children in the New Age of American Industry.     …………Answer Preview…………… It is a fact that immigrant labor is one of the facts that fueled the rapid industrialization that characterized economy … Read more

Drug Profile Paper

Drug Profile Paper Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you identify abused substances and their various effects. Include the following: Explain the psychology and physiology of addiction. Identify specific drug substances covering the following categories: stimulants, depressants, narcotics, hallucinogens, and cannabis. Discuss the addiction potential of various abused substances, what effects they have, and … Read more

Compare and contrast food and drink in your daily, personal life

Compare and contrast food and drink in your daily, personal life This essay must be four to five pages, double-spaced. I attach some photos from my textbook to provide guide and tip of writing this assignment. Please use pink highlighted words as much as possible. !!!PLEASE 100% PLAGIARISM FREE!!! Please write about the following topic: compare and … Read more

Telos and the Roles You Play

Telos and the Roles You Play Describe an area in your own life that you believe requires certain virtues in order to do well.  This might be an occupation, an activity or hobby, a role you play (mother, friend, husband, mentor, etc.), and so on.  Explain what this is, and what the “telos” of this … Read more

Financial statement ratios

Financial statement ratios On your own words, 1. If you could choose three financial statement ratios, in which to utilize and analyze a company for investment, lending, or employment purposes, which three financial statement ratios would you choose, and what information would these ratios provide? 2. Please compare and contrast two of the following inventory valuation … Read more

Accounting Standards Boards

Accounting Standards Boards No grammar errors, no plagiarism!! – (Plagiarism check prior to release of fund) The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) are currently working on a joint venture referred to as the convergence project. Write a 1100 word paper describing the relationship between the IASB and the … Read more

Justice system 25 multiple choice questions

Justice system 25 multiple choice questions Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet) Which view of incorporation favors incorporation of certain protections enumerated in the Bill 1. of Rights, but not all of them? It deems certain rights as being more critical or fundamental than others. Total Incorporationa. Selective Incorporationb. Total … Read more

Abstract: The Color Purple

Abstract: The Color Purple Write a paper on The color Purple. I only need the abstract. About 200 words     …………….Answer Preview…………… Thesis statement:The Color Purpleis a glance at the trials and tribulationsfaced by black women in the early twentieth century. Abstract Alice Walker’s The Color Purple addresses the plight of Celie and her … Read more

SWOT analysis

SWOT Analysis Select an industry, such as the gambling industry, to complete a SWOT analysis. Access the profile overview for the selected industry: In the University Library, click Company Directory and Financials. Click Hoover’s First Research. Click Continue. Click Submit. Type gambling (or your selected industry) in the search box, and click to continue. Gambling (or the selected industry of choice) should … Read more

Wireless sensor networks OR distributed operating systems

Wireless sensor networks OR distributed operating systems Review several articles on the subject of wireless sensor networks OR distributed operating systems that appeared in a recent computing magazine or academic journal (older than 5 years is not acceptable) and include the following: Give a summary of the article, including the primary topic, your own summary … Read more

Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs for Research

Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs for Research To prepare for this Discussion: •  Review the Campbell and Stanley text, Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs for Research, as well as the Discussion questions and responses from Week 1. •  Consider the focus of the research you would like to propose as part of your final research proposal. Also … Read more

Risk and resilience

 Risk and resilience Consult the literature on risk and resilience . What are some probable risk and resiliency factors in the community that you are planning to work ( if you are unsure , use the local community that you are familiar with ) ? How might you as the school psychologist working within a … Read more

Market Research Proposal

Market Research Proposal The Final Project incorporates all aspects of the Marketing Research course. The Final Project objective is to write a Marketing Research Proposal. There is no requirement to conduct the actual research, collect data or analyze results. The Final Project requirement is to write a marketing research proposal and to develop a short … Read more

Categorical Imperative

Categorical Imperative Is it ever morally permissible to lie to someone?  Describe a circumstance in which it seems that lying might make more people happy than telling the truth.  Would lying be the right thing to do in that circumstance, or is it our moral duty to tell the truth, even then?  Consider what Immanuel … Read more

Business current event discussion

Business current event discussion Find one current event from any business journal for example “Forbes” Type a ONE PAGE summary about the event. It must be typed Double space 12 font, Times New Roman.  *** SUMMARIES SHOULD INCLUDE: 1. A brief summary of what the article is about. 2. Why the article appealed to you. 3. How the article relates to the business field 4. No plagiarism and works … Read more

Talking Points on Inclusion (early childhood special education)

Talking Points on Inclusion Students will review the benefits of inclusion and will compile empirically supported talking points in defense of inclusion with references. Consider the audience to be skeptical parents and caregivers who do not want to send their children to inclusive settings. Students should provide at least 5 talking points in support of … Read more

leadership organizational homework/discussion

Leadership organizational homework/discussion First, watch the video lecture below to learn why knowing the difference between a team and a group can help you at work.[streamerType]=auto Now, please respond to the following discussion “No Man is an Island”: Suggest at least one (1) scenario in which understanding the Five Stages of Group Development could … Read more

W3A2: Cyber Threats, Offenders, and Crimes

W3A2 Cyber Threats, Offenders, and Crimes Develop a comprehensive Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of 12—15 slides for the chief of police. The presentation will be used as part of an educational program for the government officials and the public in an effort to obtain funding for the new cyber investigative unit. Your presentation should describe the growth … Read more

Marketing 421

Marketing 421 Select a company currently experiencing marketing changes. Create a 6-8 slide Microsoft®PowerPoint®presentation (including a title slide) that analyzes that company’s marketing mix: Each of the four P’s should be addressed on its own slide. The final slide should analyze the changes this company is experiencing and the driving forces behind the changes. Use … Read more

Changing Populations

Changing Populations Consider the following scenario: Jose Guerrero and his wife Maria own and operate a small human service business that provides substance abuse detox and counseling services for Heroin addicts. Presently, the business is located in Phoenix AZ. Mr. Guerrero and his wife have been offered a business venture and have been asked to … Read more

500-600 word essay for involving John Donne and the movie Wit by Margaret Edson

John Donne and Wit by Margaret Edson Write an essay, approximately 500-600 words, in which you respond to these queries. In this instance, I mean that you can structure your body paragraphs as each one responding to a different query. In your introduction, consider how this drama demonstrates reading as a creative act. How does Vivian’s story illustrate … Read more

For this weeks discussion, I would like to focus on the topic of affirmative action

Affirmative action For this weeks discussion, I would like to focus on the topic of affirmative action. I encourage you to be levelheaded in expressing your opinions so that the debate can stay rigorous and detached. Think of jobs that have been traditionally held by men and that historically only a minority of women want … Read more

English 357 Business Writing Assignment 3: Persuasive message memo

English 357 Business Writing Assignment 3: Persuasive message memo Pretend you work in the Admissions Department of Morgan State University. As you know, the school wants the maximum number of students to apply to the university so it can meet its quotas. You are given the responsibility to write a form memo that will be sent … Read more

English 357 Business Writing Assignment 1: Observation

English 357 Business Writing Assignment 1: Observation You and a partner are to observe a male and female conversing for ten minutes. Take copious notes on the observation, paying attention to body language (i.e., the way they are sitting, the way they move their legs, hands, and torso) and their facial expressions. The purpose of … Read more

Volunteer Work report

Volunteer Work report INSTRUCTIONS This option involves choosing a local environmental organization/agency and volunteering (see the list of volunteer opportunities) for a minimum of 3 hours. You are required to work with the organization during the entire scheduled work party time (note that if the work party you attend is less than 3 hours, you will need … Read more

Invasive species in the great lakes

Topic: invasive species in the great lakes   ………………Answer Preview…………….. The Great Lakes ecosystem has been attacked by more than 180 invasive species. In a normal circumstance the ecosystem consist of microorganisms that coexist and mutually benefit from each other. However, with the entrance of species such as alewife, Eurasian milfoil, sea lamprey, purple loosestrife, zebra … Read more