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Psychology aims at understanding, making predictions, and changing behavior and mental processes. Psychology is a science that makes an effort to answer questions on how and why human beings behave in various ways and how their behaviors can be modified. Through psychology, there is a scientific understanding of the behavior, mind, and mental processes that evolve. The research and experimental approaches allow psychologists to understand the reasons behind human thought, emotions, and behavior. The term psychology has its roots in the Greek words “psyche” and “logos.” “Psyche” is the soul or mind, while “logos” is the science. Psychology is relatively new as a field of study and often has its roots in the ancient cultures of philosophy, medicine, and biology.

Psychology Homework Help

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Psychology is a science. As such, it is evidence-based and works to deliver the best outcome through following different research methodologies.

  • Observations—This is a research approach in which the researcher observes natural habits to understand the subject or sample.
  • Laboratory experiment – This research approach involves placing the sample in a controlled environment.
  • Survey – this is the use of prepared questionnaires to understand a sample population to interpret the mentality and understand the various conditions.

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Our psychology team has developed some primary guidelines essential for understanding the practice. Some of the critical theories include:

  • Psychoanalysis – this is a field that Sigmund Freud founded, and it is a clinical approach to psychopathology determined by observation and self-analysis. Psychoanalysis focuses on the study of the unconscious mind and explains human thoughts and actions as outcomes of the unconscious mind.
  • Structuralism – this theory was founded on the basis of consciousness. This aspect is focused on the explanation of basic concepts of consciousness through self-examination.
  • Functionalism – this theory was developed based on consciousness. This theory attempted to counter structuralism through a focus on empirical rational thought over trial and error philosophy.
  • Behaviorism – this approach has an impact on the environment and human behavior. This theory has a focus on the effects of the environment on human behavior. All actions are responses to specific stimuli or outcomes of the person’s history, motivational state, and controlling stimuli.
  • Humanism – This theory draws a connection between our actions and psychological processes. The approach focuses on our behavior and suggests that our behaviors are a result of the mental development of the mind and the ability to change our thoughts and behavior.
  • Theory of Cognitive Development – this is the psychology study of human and information processing and focuses on the developmental process in humans. This approach deals with the nature of knowledge and the process through which individuals acquire, construct, and utilize it.

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