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one interview report, leadership, MBA

one interview report, leadership, MBA


Interview questions

1. When you think about times that you had good leadership, what specific leader behaviors contributed to how you performed?

2. Have you ever had a bad leadership experience? What in your opinion went wrong and how would you change it if you had the chance?

3. As a leader do you ever find yourself basing your leadership style off of the employee’s developmental (maturity) level? Do you feel that this is an effective way to lead?

4. Do you feel that your leadership style changes depending on the situation that you/ your employee are in?

5. Some employees might lose commitment working for the company for longer time. What would you do to keep the employee motivated?

6. Once you see that employee has been working for the company for longer time and has proven himself that he doesn’t need directing and motivating anymore, would you still supervise him or delegate him to be an example for others?




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Interviews questions and summarized answers

September 24, 2014


Ms. Maria Frigge is recently promoted to be a director of studying abroad of Troy University. She has been working for Troy University almost 8 years. However she has taken this new position only for three weeks. She is excited and feels challenging for her new job. She said she gets trained or helps from the person who used to working here before. But she said approximately…


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