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Accepting Cultural Differences

Accepting Cultural Differences

Earl Whitecloud is an American high-school student. He is constantly teased and bullied by his classmates because he occasionally wears clothing that represents his Native-American heritage. As a result, Earl spends most of his time at school alone, is absent far more than the average student, and performs poorly at school.

As Earl’s teacher, who acutely perceives the problem, you decide to devote a class period to talking about diversity and accepting cultural differences.

What three points will you emphasize the most and why?

Will you involve Earl in the discussion? Why or why not?

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As   Earl’s teacher, I would devote one class period specifically to address three major issues about cultural diversity .My emphasize would be on the following points. First, I would address the class on how to manage and clearly understand the cultural diversity and the various ways in which people should accept others. This includes informing the students that rejection of strange languages, traditions and customs can be reduced by trying to familiarize with the people you are living with. Possibility of this practice…

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