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Volunteer Work report

Volunteer Work report


This option involves choosing a local environmental organization/agency and volunteering (see the list of volunteer opportunities) for a minimum of 3 hours. You are required to work with the organization during the entire scheduled work party time (note that if the work party you attend is less than 3 hours, you will need to volunteer two separate times to fulfill your project requirements).

After your volunteer work, write a minimum of 2 completely full typewritten pages and greater than 800 words of your own written text, double-spaced, and 12-point Times New Roman font about

  • what you did,
  • why the organization/agency needed this work, and
  • how this work contributes to our environment.

The 2 pages of your written text is the minimum to receive a grade. These typewritten pages are to be your own words. Other material (photos, tables, reference section, quoted material, etc.) do not count toward the page total. Reports less than 2 pages can’t receive any credit. Photos of your activity will add credit, particularly if they clearly explain what you did and how it helped the environment, with good captions. Reports that do not meet the minimum of 2 full pages of description of your project in your words cannot receive any credit.

Research of your own that helps explain the history and environmental significance of your volunteer work is required to receive an average grade. Quotes, ideas, and paraphrased material must have citations both in the body of the text and in a references section. If you reference any organizations or cite any information, please include a literature cited section (bibliography) at the end referencing all your information sources (see below for examples).  Your report will be graded on completeness, content, environmental impact, organization, and writing (including English, grammar, spelling etc.) in addition to your volunteer effort.

Remember to reference all of your sources (see below) and be careful not to plagiarize (see plagiarism-policy.html for a description  of plagiarism and how to avoid it).




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My volunteer work was on assisting to restore Yesler Swamp aback to its natural habitat. People and especially the University of Washington has been working for years in this swamp trying to make the swamp a safe, accessible and natural area that can support wildlife.

The activity was scheduled for October 4th from 10 am to 1 pm. We arrived at the Yesler Swamp which is an environmental treasure in the heart of the city. Its enormous size proved that it is the second largest swamp in Lake Washington…..


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