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Business current event discussion

Business current event discussion

Find one current event from any business journal for example “Forbes”

Type a ONE PAGE summary about the event.

It must be typed Double space 12 font, Times New Roman. 


1. A brief summary of what the article is about.

2. Why the article appealed to you.

3. How the article relates to the business field

4. No plagiarism and works cited needed too.




………………Answer Preview…………….

The event is New Course for the Federal Reserve Retrieved from forbes.com.

A brief summary:The current economic challenges facing the US that include declining unemployment and lower middle class incomes could be prevented by setting a new course for the Federal Reserve. In order to achieve this, the Federal Reserve has to lower interest rates to near zero and hold bond yields down. The current problem has been brought up by the practice of the Fed only allowing the big borrowers access to credit…


343 words