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Views of nature expressed by Emerson and Thoreau

Analyze the views of nature expressed by Emerson and Thoreau in this week’s readings

Part 1: Analyze the views of nature expressed by Emerson and Thoreau in this week’s readings. Then compare and contrast them to one another. You might also want to apply these themes of nature to overall thought of the Transcendentalists as a genre or discipline.

Part 2: What does Thoreau think of his contemporaries in “Civil Disobedience“? What in particular bothers him about them? Is there any societal expectation, convention, or behavior that you feel you would like to rebel against? Why?

Answer the higher order questions of how and why in discussion responses. All discussions referring, responding, or relating to works of literature must be accompanied by in text quotes (or paraphrases) and cites. Please ensure you are properly quoting and citing in MLA format. Remember if there is a citation on the Works Cited page that source must have been used in the body of the forum post.  If there is an in text cite in the forum post, that source must be listed on the Works Cited page.  They go together and one must accompany the other.


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Emerson argues that nature can be divided into different portions or levels according to the community or society. He believes that traditions and knowledge assist human beings to understand the relationship and the association between God, nature and man. All the questions about nature and the order in it can be perfectly understood through leaning the nature’s symbolism, manifestations and development. In addition, he also believes in true solitude which involves leaving behind the society, preoccupying activities and going out to mingle properly with nature (Bock & Jannika 2012).Science is one of the elements that are geared towards attaining the goal of providing a theory about nature but humankind…


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