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My health campaign is about mental health

My health campaign is about mental health

For the slides:
•       State the full title of the chapter, book, and author(s)
•       Cover all key points in the assigned chapter.
•       Include images (screenshots or photos) of any frameworks, models, diagrams, or other relevant visuals
•       Define the important terms or concepts mentioned in the chapter.
•       Include at least one specific example of a health comm campaign or other relevant health comm activity (of your choosing) that helps illustrate key concepts. You might also include video links, article links, images, etc. in the slides if you want the class to view more info about the example.
•       Include a short reference list of cites for relevant theories, concepts, etc.

This assignment requires me to cover ESSENTIALS CHAPTER 14. Only cover chapter 14.
My health campaign is about mental health (referencing to the 5th bullet point above.)

http://track.smtpsendemail.com/9064971/c?p=0JratkyNBS_WKQFpLyvYW9EZxkzUN9-DenwHsFKwruHj6roZoWCEVmE81-vPktqAR_FL0WrUpRzHabs4PeWm3Wh7JRxxBU40Vv68kE8D1X11ixnHSQSJJvPLfuwTTZNRrdV3AM_qRYEu98LU5pzg-syf2Jmids1PKe3Ep-AwhIA46BVHVBM2sGRODSxLMnfw  (Use this link to write 1-2 paragraphs of a descriptive summary about the video) Make this the last powerpoint slide. (After the sources slide.)

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