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Unit 2: Building a Business Case

Unit 2: Building a Business Case

In this Assignment, you will begin to develop your Final Project by writing the first draft of your business case vignette. To successfully complete this Assignment, execute the following requirements:

  • Read Unit 2 in the Internship Handbook to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of writing a business case vignette about your internship organization.
  • Write a 1,200 word business case vignette using the storytelling techniques you learned (not including a title and reference page) in the Unit 2 section of theInternship Handbook .
  • Use a minimum of three (3) peer-reviewed references to connect practice to theory
  • Write in third person, and remember, the business case vignette is a story about the organization it is not about you! You are the narrator of this story.
  • Apply proper APA style referencing structure.
  • Use the Grading Rubric under Course Home for this Assignment to ensure your success.
  • Please sites all references.



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