Project proposal: Augmented Reality

Project proposal: Augmented Reality

Project proposal: Augmented Reality: This is an individual project. Please write a proposal to propose a project which you would like to take on while you matriculate in your respective academic program (Augmented reality). Your proposal should include the following

  1. Title of the Project and your name
  2. Summary: summarize the proposal in 3-5 sentences
  3. Problem statement: what problem you are trying to solve
  4. Related works: how other people are solving it
  5. Methodology: how you are going to solve it
  6. Design of experiment: how you are going to prove your method is working. What dataset / test cases you are going to use, how many dataset/test cases you are going to use
  7. Reference

Resource to find experimental data:


  1. Length of the proposal: no more than 2 pages (not including reference).
  2. Formatting: Single space. Font size: 12 point. Margins: 1 inch on each side
  3. Must contain all the sections/information above.

I have upload 4 papers for you, it’s just an example about what you should do and give you some ideas.

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