Integrated marketing communication

Read chapter 13, 14 15 in the textbook. Watch the BUS622 Week Five (Links to an external site.) video with the Program Chair for Marketing Programs, Dr. Avisha Sadeghinejad.

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Strategies

This assignment will be incorporated into your Week 6 – Final Paper. The purpose is to analyze an integrated marketing communication (IMC) campaign of the mentor company you selected in the Week 2 assignment.

Part 1

In the first part your assignment,

  • Identify an IMC campaign for your mentor company.
  • Choose at least four examples of that campaign across different types of media (e.g., TV, print advertising, digital ads, outdoor ads, social media ads, etc.).
    • Choose at least one print and one digital.
  • Provide a copy of the image you find or the URL link to the ad in your paper.
    • Hint: To find ads, search the web,, or major advertising publications, such as Adweek, for articles about your brand’s ad campaign. Searching your company’s YouTube channel, Twitter account, Facebook page, or other social media platforms for recurring ad messages would be helpful too. Pay attention to find unified ads across various media.
  • Analyze the ad in each medium.
    • Describe how the medium’s unique characteristics is being used to display the ad.
  • Explain what elements unify the campaign across different media to make it count as an IMC.

Part 2

Once you completed the previous steps, complete the following:

  • Identify another marketing communication activity from your mentor company other than advertising, such as sales promotion, sponsorship, product placement, personal selling, direct marketing, all of which were outlined in the reading.
  • Describe the details.
    • Provide a link to a visual component of the activity.
  • Compare it to the IMC campaign you identified.
  • Discuss to what extent they are aligned and would tell the same story for the brand.
  • Discuss one strength and one weakness of this marketing communication activity.

The Integrated Marketing Communications assignment



Please please please read the instructions. My final paper is on my mentor company which is Fedex in Mexico (latin America) (Part 1 of the assignment). I will upload my previous assignment ( Global Marketing) so you can get an idea. Please ad visuals such as data, etc to the executive Summary paper.  I uploaded a transcript of the video. My text book is Keegan, W. J., & Green, M. C. (2020). Global marketing (10th ed.).


Could please add a visual picture such as data please?

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