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Write on hand washing

Write on hand washing

Please rescue me. Anything at present, the professor criticizes that it’s in the form of a Ph.D. not a DNP.

I am to write on hand washing and these are recommendations. She wants it simple. Please see below

Phase 1. Design: Activities during the design phase support the initiation of the project. During the design phase the organization representative(s), your faculty advisor, and you meet to clearly identify the practice problem and to identify the goal(s) to be achieved. The approval document will be signed by the organization leader, project mentor, and your faculty advisor. You will examine the evidence to identify the best practice to address the practice problem. Review Figure 11.1, Appendix A (pp. 248–249), in Dang et al. (2022) for an overview of the process for translation of evidence. This Project Guide will give you an overview of the steps used for the DNP project.

You are a DNP professional: your role will always be

Formulate a PICOT Question on Hand Washing

What is your clinical question?

Support your project with evidence-based practice on hand washing.

Use evidence-based research on hand washing published by the World Health Organization

Use the evidence to change practice to improve outcomes.

1.    Your population will be staff, not patients.

2.    Use evidence of best practice in your question. (clinical question)

3.    What are your interventions?

4.    It must be measurable

5.    Outcome Make a curriculum on how you will educate staff

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Write on hand washing


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