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Choose two empires

Choose two empires

Write a 1,200- to 1,500-word paper, excluding the title
and references pages

Directions: Choose two empires (Germanic successor states;
Visigothic Spain or Merovingian/Carolingian Gaul); Byzantine Empire, Ummayad or
Abbasid Caliphates; Song or Tang Dynasty in China; or the Kingdom of Aksum) discussed
in the course, and analyze three strategies that each of the two empires
attempted to pursue in order to create, expand, maintain, or defend their rule.
As part of your analysis, explain the consequences of these efforts, and
provide specific examples drawn from the scholarly sources you are using to
support your assertions and/or claims.

Your project must meet the following research criteria:
•Must include at
least five scholarly sources to support the argument.

•One of the five sources must be a primary source.

•In addition to the five scholarly sources, you are
encouraged to utilize images that enhance a presentation and contribute to it;
however, remember that images are not a substitute for the content that must be
presented in the slide notes or transcript.

•Must include in-text citations to required sources,
whether a) within the written assignment or b) within the presentation slides,
transcript, or slide notes.
•You may refer to the Mahdavi textbook, but it does not
count toward your required sources. Your project cannot be dominated by
citations of Mahdavi.

•Must include full references for all sources, whether on
a references page for the written assignment, or on a references slide for a
presentation and must be formatted according to APA style.

Your project must exhibit the following communication
•Accurate and
appropriate syntax and mechanics.
•Clear expression, organization, and development of ideas.




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According to Collins, (2004), the Visigothic Kingdom was a kingdom that occupied what is now southwestern France and the Peninsula from the 5th to the 8th centuries. One of the Germanic heir states to the Western Roman Empire, it was originally started by the settlement of the Visigoths under King Wallia in the province of Aquitaine in southwest France by the Roman rule and then extended by conquest over all of the….


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