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Working with the OSI Model

Working with the OSI Model


  • Industry professionals use mnemonics in order to remember the layers of the OSI model. The most popular mnemonic is “Please Do Not Throw Sausage Pizza Away,” with each capital letter representing the word of the OSI, i.e., Please (Physical), Do (Data Link) and so on. Create your own unique sentence that would help you to remember the OSI model. Provide a rationale for your response.
  • Consider the seven (7) layers on the OSI model. Determine the layer that you would consider to be the easiest to implement and the layer that you would consider the most difficult to implement. Provide at least two (2) reasons for each of your choices.





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My mnemonic for OSI model is

People Design Networks To Send Packets Accurately



People = Physical Layer

Design = Data Link Layer

Networks = Network layer

To = Transport Layer

Send = Session Layer

Packets = Presentation Layer

Accurately = Application Layer


The most difficult layer to implement would be the physical layer. This is because this layer operates at the lowest level and is responsible for defining the relationship between a device and a physical transmission medium such as fiber optical cable….


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