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usability assessment of the website

Usability assessment of the website

Select a website and list it on your assignment. Conduct a usability assessment of the website you selected based on the following criteria:

  • Website Intuitiveness
  • Website design consistency
  • Website efficiency
  • Website  supportability
  • Website  engaging
  • Website  accuracy

Assignment submission should identify 10 web and system usability challenges with the website and 10 usability enhancements that you recommend.

Assignment should follow APA format and produce not less than three pages exclude title and reference pages.




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Usability of a website is making and presenting website in such a way that the users can find what they are looking quickly and efficiently. This usability test majors on the online guide for students to citation and referencing website, Purdue OWL. The Purdue OWL website does not provide the essential information at first glance. This goes against the Intuitiveness feature of a good website where users accomplish basic task the first time they…


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