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Topics in European/US history

Topics in European/US history

Discuss why each of the following terms/people are important to American history. Each term should consist of 1 paragraph 5-7 sentences in length.

1. Fort Mose

2. Paxton Boys

3. The Enlightenment

4. John Locke

5. Benjamin Franklin

If there are too many grammatical errors I will not release the down payment. Please be sure that you have a good understanding of this topic in history and can write clearly and concisely in the English language.




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  1. Fort Mose

Forte Mose is one of the most important sites in American history. The site was founded by Spanish government who started to offer Asylum to slaves from British colonies. The Spanish crown proclaimed that any slave runaways would find freedom in Florida. This was aimed at destabilizing the economies of the British colonies who relied on slaves for labor. The slaves were given the freedom they yearned as long as they joined the catholic movement and became soldiers for a period of four years.

  1. Paxton Boys

The Paxton boys was a group of frontiersmen of Scottish origin who had formed a group to retaliate against the American…


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