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Travon is the lead counselor in a small clinic. Elliot has worked there for a few years and reports to Travon. Travon completes Elliot’s yearly evaluation and oversees his work. Although Travon is the supervisor, Elliot is actually three years older. They both enjoy watching hockey and often meet for drinks after work to watch the games. Although the other three counselors get together with Travon and Elliot for lunch sometimes, they are not invited to hang out with them after work:

    • Describe the responsibilities of a counseling supervisor.


  • Explain the possible ethical dilemmas.
  • Explain how the social situation with Travon and Elliot could impact the work environment.
  • Develop a policy that you would implement to minimize ethical concerns related to social activities between colleagues while supporting collegial relationships.




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Describe the responsibilities of a counseling supervisor.

            Supervisor always has the responsibility of providing ongoing training in the circumstance of related supervised experiences to ensure that competent and ethical services are delivered by supervisees (Leonard, 2013). Supervisor must ensure that supervisees are well trained, equipped with skills and well knowledgeable in practice…………


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