One page short essay for Strategy Business

One page short essay for Strategy Business

One page short essay for Strategy Business

1. Access the ESPN One Nacíon website:

2. Read the article and view the video regarding the need for MLB managers to learn Spanish.

3. Write a short essay (no more than one page) on what you have learned.  Integrate strategic concepts that we have discussed in class (e.g., external environment analysis, strategies, competitive advantage, and career planning).

4. If you need to define a word, use Google Translate:


……………Answer Preview…………

To start with, I have been able to learn of the many needs that come with increasing diversity in the society. In this case, the need for change in the current structure for the management of the club has come up. This is mainly because there is an increase in the number of people that speak Spanish in the club. The top managers are forced to be able to learn Spanish in an effort to make sure that they are able….


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