Selling Medical Ultrasound Technology in Asia

Selling Medical Ultrasound Technology in Asia


This is a take-home assignment. You are to answer the questions in the way(s) that you believe are the most thorough, most descriptive, and most analytical. You are to compose a short paper that addresses all questions asked at the end of the case. As we are also evaluating your writing, your answers must be in an essay format, rather than using outlines or bullet points. You are to submit your answers in narrative form. Keep in mind that communication has multiple dimensions to it. Communicating substantive information is only one dimension. How well you communicate it and the grasp of the English language that you display in your communications will all have a bearing on how the individual grading your submission will evaluate it. This assignment will make up a percent of your grade to be determined by your faculty member. Submission instructions Please ensure that the Certification set out below appears on your submission. Attach your Word document to this assignment and submit before the due date. Certification By submitting my responses to this Assignment, I hereby certify and affirm that I have not received any aid of any type from any of my classmates or students taking this course in other sections.


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Considering the case above, the issue being talked about is so much annoying as it involves a technology which seems to be of help to the individual but is becoming destruction. We are told that according to the research done in china by UNICEF the population of china is worsening day and night as the technology of ultrasound increases. The result is due to the fact that those rays that are used sometimes destroy the womb of the mother and if a mother is pregnant the fetus sometimes dies.

The issue above has been taken..


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