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Scenario on Juvenile Crime

Scenario on Juvenile Crime

In a 1-2 page paper, develop a restorative justice plan where David is allowed to “repair the harm” he created in the neighborhood. Be specific and use programs from your readings to help devise a plan. Remember that the purpose of the program is to help victims feel the wrong against them has been corrected and that David can live in harmony within the community again. Remember to use APA formatting.




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Restorative justice is actually an approach to justice focusing on various needs of the offenders as well as victims together with community that is involved. This is usually done instead of punishing the offender or satisfying abstract principles. In this process all victims normally take an active role while the offenders are encouraged to ensure that they take full responsibility for all their actions so as to repair the harm they have already done, returning stolen money or items, apology and engage in community service…


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