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Recent situations with Volkswagen

 Recent situations with Volkswagen

I need someone to do research on the recent situations with Volkswagen. Do a SWOT analysis listing 10 of each, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Also know Porter’s 5 Forces.

Assignment #1 – Volkswagen has been in the news over the past few months because of an emission scandal. Students should come to class prepared with a SWOT analysis to discuss. That is, you should develop at least 10 strengths, 10 weaknesses, 10 opportunities, and 10 threats for Volkswagen.



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  1. Global presence
  2. Synergy
  3. Well performing brands such as Audi
  4. Strong brand portfolio
  5. Strong presence in China
  6. Strong focus on research development
  7. Robust production capabilities
  8. Wide range of cars providing enough options to choose from
  9. Presence of hybrid cars and motor sports
  10. Over 350,000 employees globally


  1. Faces intense competition from rival firms
  2. Controversy and fraud….