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Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness

Choose one of the four major theories of happiness: Hedonism, Epicureanism, Stoicism, or Aristotle’s view, and describe the following aspects of the theory in a 1-2 page Word document:

  • Offer a brief explanation of the history of the theory.
  • Share the basic fundamental view of how the theory creates or explains happiness.
  • Offer a criticism or challenge to the theory.
  • Relate the theory to an example from the present day which supports and reflects this view of happiness.
  • Explain how you would apply this theory to your own pursuit of happiness.

Be sure to follow the APA guidelines as you cite and incorporate outside sources into your paper.




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It is a fact that humankind has pursued contentment and happiness; however, for one to understand the theory of hedonism, he is required to look back to ancient Greeks. The great philosopher Aistippus of Cyrene who lived between c.435- c.356 BCE taught that the main goal in one’s life is to seek happiness that is brought by pleasure through adapting circumstances to oneself as well as maintaining proper control over prosperity and adversity. Hedonism is referred as the philosophy that sees pleasure as the most significant…


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