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Professional Capstone and Practicum

Professional Capstone and Practicum

Capstone Project Change Proposal Presentation Summary

Student A. Sample

Grand Canyon University

NRS 493: Professional Capstone and Practicum

Ellen Pavela, DNP, RN

Assignment Due Date

Capstone Project Change Proposal Presentation

            This is the introductory paragraph. It should introduce the topic of your presentation, state the nursing intervention change (in one sentence) and state the intended outcome of your research project. Then the results of your project should be stated in one sentence. This summary will be 250-300 words.

Presentation Feedback from Instructor

            Review the feedback on the change proposal professional presentation and the adjustments you made to the presentation. Briefly state how these adjustments were completed.If no changes were suggested by the instructor, then state that in this section. Make sure your statements here, match statements on your presentation from the paper and the grading rubric.

Preceptor’s Feedback comments

            Please state your preceptor’s reaction to your presentation.

Summary of Presentation

Describe how the interprofessional collaboration, (between your instructor and yourself), improved the effectiveness of your presentation. Include a description of the feedback and questions from your audience after your presentation, and how this experience will affect your professional practice in the future.

This assignment follows APA 7th edition format.Solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.Please remove all instructions that are highlighted in yellow prior to submission of this paper & all comments in the right-hand column. }

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Professional Capstone and Practicum,


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