Personality models & how they shape the workplace

Personality models & how they shape the workplace

We reviewed several personality models this week and learn about how personality shapes the workplace environment. What does the most current research indicate about ways to custom-manage different employees, keeping in mind individual differences? Please reply in no less than 150 words with 2-3 in text references.
Then Please provide an anecdote from your own experience to illustrate your points in 100 words and if you state any opinions support them with references.


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Individuals in any workplace usually bring number of difference especially to work, for instance, values, personalities, moods, and emotions. This is due to the fact that we are all different and act in unique way.¬† This is the reason why even top- rated managers cannot come up with one way to deal with employees (Burkas, 2011). Today, a lot of research has been carried concerning different ways to custom -manage different employees at work. Many organizations have overlooked this avenue of ensuring that……


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