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Personal Leadership Philosophies

Personal Leadership Philosophies

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Personal Leadership Philosophies

Develop and submit a personal leadership philosophy that reflects what you think are characteristics of a good leader. Use the scholarly resources on leadership you selected to support your philosophy statement. Your personal leadership philosophy should include the following:

A description of your core values.

A personal mission and vision statement.

An analysis of your Clifton

Strengths Assessment summarizing the results of your profile

A description of two key behaviors that you wish to strengthen.

A development plan that explains how you plan to improve upon the two key behaviors you selected and an explanation of how you plan to achieve your personal vision. Be specific and provide examples.

Be sure to incorporate your colleagues’ feedback on your Clifton

Strengths Assessment from this Module’s Discussion 2.


Broome, M., & Marshall, E. S. (2021). Transformational leadership in nursing: From expert clinician to influential leader (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Springer.

Chapter 1, “Frameworks for Becoming a Transformational Leader” (pp. 2–19 ONLY)

Chapter 6, “Shaping Your Own Leadership Journey” (pp. 182-211)

Duggan, K., Aisaka, K., Tabak, R. G., Smith, C., Erwin, P., & Brownson, R. C. (2015). 

Implementing administrative evidence-based practices: Lessons from the field in six local health departments across the United States. BMC Health Services Research, 15Links to an external site.(1). doi:10.1186/s12913-015-0891-3. Retrieved from http://track.smtpsendemail.com/9064721/c?p=YO_vaArMRochEpjRg6vWPTe0M0sdVNye-wiVa24IFNU_AALqAVURVt-XqwQbE_kNkmimwKOrkgbHQbZ_tlHC2ehMuH2cwOLJNF8FxkJxEGmn1x8AGqufLxbeippcergymsy2SqbNT3J_SelHNJYrSerQwdXMIjwQx5nbUchReVe3bz5pKSV2A-IL5zBvtAM5JdkbPtF_h6bjxN8_HjlozZl3tV2fcH09uxoLQr2bbCo=

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Personal Leadership Philosophies


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