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Parenting in Early and Late Adolescence

Parenting in Early and Late Adolescence

Needed Work: Your response should be a minimum of one page double-spaced for each question and need one reference for each question in APA format

1) Discuss the importance of peers in early adolescent years of your life. Did you experience peer pressure? Did parents let you spend time with your friends? What do you think are responsible rules with regard to time spent with peers? At what age do you think dating should begin? Why that age?

2)Discuss how parents can help their teenagers get the information that so many teens want about pregnancy, STDs, and contraception availability. List suggestions for parents in a short pamphlet format.




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Adolescence, peers normally play a big part in the life of a young person. Peers typically replace family because they become center of the leisure and social activities of teens. They usually contribute more in his development than what the family does. Having a strong peer relationship normally help teen achieve two critical tasks in their life; developing ones personal identity and finding independence from their guardians or parents. Thus close relationships in teen’s life are quite normal. Lack of strong peer group may cause concern regarding having a healthy development in teen’s life (Hair, Moore...


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