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Optimizing Performance

Optimizing Performance
  • Explain three (3) approaches that network administrators can use in order to ensure a fault tolerant network design without a single point of failure. Of the three (3) approaches discussed, determine the single approach that you would recommend for an enterprise network. Justify your choice.
  • From the e-Activity, examine two (2) strategies for tuning the network adapter of a Microsoft 2008 Server. Determine whether or not you would apply the same strategies to Windows Server 2012. Provide a rationale for your response.




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There are several approaches that the network administrator may use so as to ensure that the fault tolerant network is designed without point of failure. The three major approaches include: use of Disk Arrays, protecting the power supply, and use of Mean Time to failure and the Mean Time to recover. To start with, Disk arrays normally provide increased maintainability resiliency, and availability through using…………..


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