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Supply Chain Operations Plan

Supply Chain Operations Plan

Title: Creating Value Through Operations Competency Assessment
Title: Supply Chain Operations Plan
Total Number of Points: 100

Note: To pass a Competency Assessment, you must receive at least a Meets Expectations (ME). Please use the attached grading rubric for assignment. I also attached the Competency 1 Assignment for review.

Assignment Directions Use the company HBO that you worked with in the first and second Competency Assessment of this course, which is the company you will use for your entire business plan. Build a supply chain plan and diagram for the company by analyzing factors that affect sourcing, logistics, metrics, suppliers, and risk.

Part 1
Create your supply chain diagram using one of the following tools:
• Excel
• PowerPoint
• Visio
• PictoGram
• Other faculty-approved platform

Part 2
Write an 875-word detailed analysis of the supply chain operations plan. Include the following in your analysis:

Be sure to include subtitles in your paper as defined in the bullet point instructions.

• A visual depiction of your supply chain diagram
• Your supply chain plan
• Value chain and flow of structure
• Inputs
• Outputs, including customer service structure
• Inventory points and forecasting
• Sourcing activities
• Risks
• Locations

Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.
Submit your assignment.
Paper Format: APA

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Supply Chain Operations Plan


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