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Sister Callista Roy

Sister Callista Roy

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Sister Callista Roy

Tips on how to create your presentation:

1) When developing your PowerPoint slides for this presentation (and the next one too), please be sure to cite your resources on each of your slides. The citations can be in small print at the bottom of the slides. Also include your reference page slide at the end.

2) Do not use direct quotes from the textbook for any of the material on your slides. Please paraphrase wherever possible. For example, summarize the information on assumptions, concepts and relationships. Create a separate slide for each of these categories and summarize the important points related to each one.



PowerPoint Presentation: You should complete this assignment by preparing and presenting a 5-10 minute PowerPoint presentation with voiceover OR a recorded Zoom presentation. In addition to your textbook, you must use two (2) additional references.

Avoid using only word-for-word information from the text – Use your own words, as well as textbook information, to explain the following:

Background of the Theorist (brief synopsis) (10%)

Philosophical Underpinnings (10%)

Major Assumptions, Concepts, and Relationships (15%)

Usefulness (10%)

Testability (10%)

Parsimony (10%)

Value in Extending Nursing Science (15%)

Annotated Bibliography reference (5%)

  • Identify a nursing research article that uses the grand nursing theory that your presentation discusses.Create an annotated bibliography on a slide at the end of the presentation (before your reference slide).
  • Use APA 7th ed. professional version to format the annotated bibliography
  • Examples of annotated bibliographies:



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Sister Callista Roy

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