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My health topic is obesity.

My health topic is obesity.

Assignment Details: My health topic is obesity.
Find 5 effective health campaign posts on any social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc.) that are relevant to your own health campaign(similar topic, advice, or health outcomes). For example, a post promoting safe sex to prevent unwanted pregnancies could be relevant to an STD prevention campaign because it conveys the same advice. Or a post promoting exercise could help people avoid heart disease, diabetes, depression, etc. – even if it doesn’t mention these health problems explicitly.

Make a bulleted list of the 5 relevant social media posts below. For each item in this list:

a) Provide a URL/link, screenshot, or verbatim text of the post – along with the social media platform (YouTube, Twitter, etc.) and the account (organization, nonprofit, etc.) that posted it.

b) Explain which audience(s) it appears to target and the general health advice or call to action provided in the post (direct or implied advice – what the campaign wants people to do).

c) Describe at least 2 specific things you like about this post, such as what makes it effective, engaging, interesting, seem doable, attention-getting, clear, useful, etc.

d) Describe at least 2 specific criticisms or suggestions for improving the post – such as language or images, info they might add or explain in more detail, vague or confusing language, phrases that might not resonate with the audience, advice that seems too challenging or complex, a message that doesn’t consider an audience concern, etc.

e) Explain at least one “lesson learned” from your analysis of this particular social media post that you could somehow apply in your own campaign. In other words, what content or visual ideas could you adapt for your own campaign, what would you avoid, what social media content might work well in your campaign based on this analysis, etc.? Be specific in describing the content or images you might use, based on things you learned.

Paper Format: APA

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My health topic is obesity


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