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Multicultural Issues In Mental Health Counseling

Multicultural Issues In Mental Health Counseling

Assignment Details: CCMH/510CA: Multicultural Issues In Mental Health Counseling
Wk 1 – History of the Counseling Profession Paper [due Mon]
Wk 1 – History of the Counseling Profession Paper [due Mon]
Assignment Content

Multicultural counseling techniques and behaviors have evolved as the counseling profession has evolved. From the original definition of multiculturalism to the application of theory to work with diverse clients, there has been continued evolution. This assignment will allow you to examine the history of the counseling profession so you can compare it to the current state of multicultural counseling, as well as become aware of your own personal viewpoints and biases.

Write a 700 to 1,050-word comparison of the history and current state of multicultural counseling in which you:

Summarize significant historical changes in society that influenced multicultural counseling.
Describe the implications of worldview, culture, ethnicity, prejudice, and privilege in counseling [make sure that you define terms. How are you or your references using the term?].
Describe contemporary issues, such as the implications of a more diverse society, the effects of discrimination, and the availability of services for different populations. Include commentary on barriers to multicultural dialogue.
Identify any personal biases you may have once had that stemmed from your worldview.
Explain why multicultural standards for practice are important in professional counseling.

Include a minimum of two peer reviewed sources. Textbook can be used as one and it is suggested that you use it rather than using a Google search or review websites. Articles from the library are fine. Also, the ACA website includes some of the history of how the organization developed and added a multicultural focus.

Format your paper according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

[Note: You will have a title page, an introduction (go beyond listing topics. Why are they important?), the body of the paper using the above bullets for headings and you will shorten those headings as topics rather than directions. You should have at least 5 headings. You will follow all of that with a conclusion that wraps it up or integrates it all (the last bullet is NOT the conclusion!), followed by the reference page. If you are still learning how to format in APA, that is fine, but it is expected that you will work on it and improve each week. APA headings are MANDATORY on all class assignments}

Organization is always important. Have a plan for what you will discuss and what academic materials will offer further understanding of the concepts. I organize the body of the paper, then fill it in with details, then write the conclusion now that I know what was covered. Finally, I write the introduction after I know what form the paper took.

Submit your assignment: (check SafeAssign, correct errors, resubmit as needed. Plagiarism will not be accepted. That means that you not only need to cite (author, date) for a paraphrase; (author, date, p. or para. #) for a quote, but you must show that you have quoted if the language is not your own. And, even if correctly formatted, much of the paper should be paraphrased. That shows that you understand the material and can apply it. Copy and paste papers well not be accepted. But, a well used quote is fine. A quote used to show specific language or definition or special way of using a concept adds a lot to a paper. When an idea can be put in one’s own language, then do that.


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Multicultural Issues In Mental Health Counseling


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