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Multicultural Articles Analysis 1-2 pages

Multicultural Articles Analysis 1-2 pages

Find two (2) articles that relate to multicultural education. Choose one of the articles upon which you focus, and prepare a (minimum one page/ (maximum) two page double-spaced, 12 point font and will the stapled extremely wel written intellectual reaction to of article that you read. The quality of the paper will determine the grade. That is, writing two pages set stuff” will result in a low score, whereas page of high quality work can help enhance your skill one one (and of course bolster your grade). Your reaction should include sentences that flow logically from point to another. Be sure that you know what the topic of each paragraph is: be sure that you are properly and smoothly transitioning from one paragraph to the next; be sure that there are no a brief grammatical or typographical errors in your paper. Content wise, papers should allow readers (and) synopsis what the article was about, why the issue is important to people in urban education do not why it is important to you, and most importantly includes your analysis of the issue at hand-but, best try to use those things (synopsis, why it’s important, analysis) to write the paper. Instead, use your judgment IN LIGHT OF THOSE THINGS to present an outstanding paper. In this context, an analysis is your informed interpretation of the issuels) discussed in the article. You may have agreements or disagreements with the author, but they should be discussed philosophically and analytically, rather than simply being stated. That is, disagreement and/or agreement is exemplified and discussed fr your informed knowledge base, not mentioned and then handled tritely. In fact, whether or not you agree” isn’t important, what is important is how you present your intellectual arguments which should be done in such ways that your agreement or disagreement (your thought about what you are reading) becomes apparent.

the articles should not be older than two weeks. it can be from the current news. You should site the article in the APA format in the end.





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The two articles selected are Engaging Multilingual Students: An Educator’s Guide retrieved from http://artmuseumteaching.com/tag/multilingual-education/ and Conference on Early Childhood Education organized by the Luxembourg Presidency – Day 2 devoted to multilingualism, the role of parents and teachers’ working conditions retrieved from http://www.eu2015lu.eu/en/actualites/articles-actualite/2015/09/11-conf-petite-enfance-concl/. This paper will focus on the Engaging Multilingual Students: An Educator’s Guide article.

Based on the article, the author understands the different problems that come with multilingual education. Teaching students from different races has never been easy, even for the most qualified tutors because there is always some form of communication…

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