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Motor Skill Development

Motor Skill Development

We often think of motor skill development as taking place primarily in infancy and toddlerhood. However, we find that both gross and fine motor skill development continue to take place well in to the middle childhood years. Summarize the significant milestones in gross and fine motor skills from infancy through middle childhood. Suggest activities that parents could utilize during each stage of development to promote positive growth in these abilities.

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Gross motor development usually refers to the major actions as well as muscles that assist infants to move around in the environment. This includes standing, crawling, and walking.  Fine motor are those movements that we normally make with small muscles of our hands. It is a fact that children usually start using their hands right after birth so as to explore the world around them as well as their bodies. Therefore, their fine motor skills usually develop as their body start moving and becoming more stable. Fine motors…


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