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Medicaid information essay

Medicaid information essay

Thoroughly describe Medicaid insurance by preparing a one page, double spaced response to the following scenario.

You are employed at your state Medicaid office as a billing training specialist. Dr. Maxwell has asked you to come to his office and do a Lunch and Learn for his billing staff on Medicaid billing.

Put your thoughts together as to what you want to communicate to his staff about Medicaid insurance with a billing focus.




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Medicaid information

            Medicaid is a health insurance policy that covers people with little income to provide extensive health care. The insurance also covers children to ensure that the children get the best medical attention always. Medicaid members are those people who meet the criterion given for those eligible for the medical cover.  The enrolment can be done any time of the year as long as you are very eligible. Medicaid is tailor-made for youths under the age of 21 years…


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