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Introduction to Database Management

Introduction to Database Management

Assignments to complete this week:


Module 1: Introduction to Database Management


JC Consulting Company Background

JC Consulting (JCC) is a digital development and consulting business. The founder, Jacqueline Cabrero, started the business in the mid-1990s when the Internet became publicly available. Jacqueline grew the business from a sole proprietorship that built static web pages for small businesses to a firm with more than 20 employees. JCC’s services range from building websites and web apps to back-end database conversions and programming.

Initially, Jacqueline kept track of her clients and project bids in a spreadsheet. As the company grew, she used a homegrown project estimator program to bid new projects. Jacqueline has now determined that the company’s recent growth means it is no longer feasible to use those programs to maintain its data.

JC Consulting Company has contracted your services.

During this course you will be building upon this scenario in an effort to create a system for JC Consulting Company to help them meet the demands of today’s market.

1. Assignment

Using information you learned from this week’s reading, answer the following questions in a 150-200-word APA-formatted paper. Use the Sample Data for JCC.doc.

Critical Thinking Questions (Using the JCC Sample Data)

JCC needs to be able to contact clients when problems arise concerning an estimate. What other attributes could JCC include in the Clients table to assist in contacting clients?

JCC wants the database to include data on all its employees, not just those who may be involved in projects. What additional entities would the DBA need to include in the database to store this data? What attributes?

What kinds of unstructured data or big data might JCC want to gather in the future?

Requirements: minimum 250 word (2 paragraph) add citations and references

Please read the book for this assignment and watch the video please. Here I attached the Jcc document for the assignment.

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Introduction to Database Management


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