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Personality Theories And Counseling Models

Personality Theories And Counseling Models

CCMH/506: Personality Theories And Counseling Models
Wk 3 – Adlerian Lifestyle Assessment
Assignment Content

In your practice, you may decide a lifestyle assessment is the best method for gathering critical information from your clients. This week, you will use the Adlerian Lifestyle Assessment to help you gain insight into how this tool can be used.

Before completing your assignment this week, you will need to:

Access the Adlerian Lifestyle Assessment.
Select Get Form.
Respond to the questions and prompts in a separate Microsoft® Word® document for ease of reference in this assignment.
Review Ch. 4 “Individual Psychology (Adlerian Therapy),” of Counseling Theory and Practice.
Review University Library Readings about the Adlerian Lifestyle Assessment.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper analyzing your responses from the Adlerian Lifestyle Assessment.

Consider the following questions:

Family Constellation: What did you notice about birth order, sibling descriptions, and parental figures? Describe any observations you made about family values or the environment. What stands out the most about your role in your family constellation? What surprised you?
Early Recollections: What observations did you make about your early recollections? What themes or patterns did you identify?
Style of Life: What did you notice about your personal beliefs about yourself, your interactions with others, and the world? Incorporate any observations you have made related to inferiority/superiority and private logic.
Adlerian Concepts: Identify any other Adlerian concepts you can recognize in the lifestyle assessment.
Conclusion: Summarize your perceptions of the usefulness of clients engaging in the Adlerian Lifestyle Assessment, including revisiting their family of origin.

Note: Use the topics above as headings in your paper.

Cite 3 scholarly references in addition to the textbook.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.


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3/14/23, 1:59 AM (CDT)
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100 points
I don’t understand much about this but whatever y’all wright about in answering the Lifestyle question, it will be fine with me. just know that i am a 62-year-old African- American female who was born in New Orleans in the 1960s. not knowing much about my father. Mother name was Audrey McBath my father’s name was Freddie Powell and I was raised with 6 other siblings. Loretta Powell, Nellie Powell, Freddie Powell Jr, Myself “Dallrie Brooks”, Monica Powell, Mckinely McBath Jr, Monique McBath. My family was not a close-knit family due to our step father.
i all so need a birth story.

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