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Yes, we have to be careful to hear the client and where she is coming from. Also, it is important to not make assumptions about a presumed identity and what that means. Your example of the Israeli/Palestinian struggle meets that problem. Based on client and counselor identifications, it may be assumed that one would endorse one or the other group. But we do not know how one feels unless we ask the person. And we have the major issue today of social media interpreting world information, and we all know that these sources are not always correct. Also, politics can get in there and when considering this arena, “information” is often skewed to influence outcomes. Finally, many world issues have long histories that are often ignored. While there might be questions of best actions in various events, it is important that as counselors we understand what might have led to passionate responses. Given the history, it is not surprising that middle eastern events bring about such emotional responses, especially for those who identify with the groups involved.

Class, how will you handle such emotionally charged events, especially when the client has different views from yours?

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Lauren Young Melissa


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