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Jewish Religions

Jewish Religions

Watch The Holocaust Interview video & review the companion website; Then write a response, as a new thread, by answering ALL of the following questions:

1. What was the Holocaust?
2. How does Elli Wiesel describe his experience?
3. What was Oprah Winfrey’s final response to the tour of Auschwitz?
4. With moral atrocities like the Holocaust in mind, what is the difference and/or relationship between peace and justice?

Guidelines: you must include a thesis & at least 3 sub-thesis/sub-topics (e.g. “This chapter is primarily about…” & “In particular,… X, Y, & Z”); supporting examples with thorough in-text citations for short quotes and paraphrased info; engagement with the author & not just the topic; & 2-3 questions OR critiques you had about the reading. Use MLA formatting for proper in-text citations of your sources, e.g. (Aslan, p.56).

The initial post should be 450-500 words long.
And two responses to other posts that I am going to post should be 80-100 words long each; they should critique, ask a question, or suggest other supporting examples.





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Jewish Religions

This chapter is primarily on Jewish religions and more specifically on the Holocaust. By definition, the Holocaust was the systematic and bureaucratic state sponsored execution of about six million Jews by the Nazis. It was a well-coordinated event with Hitler’s men taking the center stage in an endeavor to exterminate the presence of Jews within Germany and over ally within the European countries. To date, much has been talked about and written about the real events that transpired in Auschwitz, but it is only through the words of survivors such as Elli Wiesel..


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