Intro to PC Unit 7 DQ

Intro to PC Unit 7 DQ

A 21-year-old women comes to your office with a 2 day history of right ear pain. She reports that the ear pain began shortly after taking scuba diving lessons. She describes the pain as “a pressure” and also notes “crackling” in the right ear and periodically feeling dizzy.

  • What other associated symptoms should you ask about?
  • How does the time course help to distinguish among different causes of ear pain?
  • How does the age of the patient help with narrowing the diagnostic possibilities?
  • What diagnostic tests do you want to include to help you with your diagnosis?
  • Create a differential diagnosis flowsheet for this patient and include the diagnostics as well as the pharmacological management and rationale related to the differentials.

Include 3 references



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Diagnosis and Treatment of Ear Infection          

The patient presented a case of Acute Otitis Externa, commonly known as Swimmer’s Ear. The complaint of pressure and crackling in the right ear as well her recent swimming activity in a public water body are indicative of this type of ear infection. Acute Otitis Externa  infection is caused by the growth of bacteria or fungi in water trapped in the ear. The clinical interview will include information about other possible….


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