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Clinical topic of interest is Hand Hygiene and Infection Control.

Clinical topic of interest is Hand Hygiene and Infection Control.

M3/D3 Peer Response #1

 My clinical topic of interest is Hand Hygiene and Infection Control. In my current practice as a nurse, I have developed a greater understanding of the importance of hand hygiene and infection control in health care. I am passionate about promoting good hand hygiene and infection control practices in healthcare settings. Good hygiene habits are essential for preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Hand hygiene is an integral component of infection control, which, if not properly managed, can lead to increased infections in healthcare settings. Hand hygiene procedures in patient care began in the early 19th century. The practice evolved through time as evidence of its vast importance accumulated, and when combined with other hand-hygienic techniques, it reduced microorganisms responsible for nosocomial or hospital-acquired illnesses (HAI) (Toney-Butler & Carver, 2019).

The PICO question to research would be: Does hand washing among healthcare workers reduce hospital-acquired infections compared to an alcohol-based solution?

I started my search using the link in the weekly reading resource “Databases A-Z: Nursing.” I chose CINAHL Plus with full text because it provides a vast library of articles and electronic books covering various nursing and related health disciplines (EBSCO, 2019). After I selected CINAHL Plus, it took me to the database, where I could type in the three search boxes. First, I searched for Hand hygiene, and the original search returned 6,632 results on hand hygiene. This changed after I added the Boolean operator “AND.” I typed infection control in the following search box, which returned 3,680 researches, which included Academic journals, magazines, CEUs, dissertations, and books. I typed hospital in the third search box, which produced 1,423 results. I went ahead and changed the publication year to 2018- 2023 and selected Peer Reviewed Scholarly Journals, which resulted in 310 articles.

I would use the Boolean operators to create an effective search string to increase the rigor and effectiveness of the database search on my PICO question. Boolean operators, such as “AND” and “OR,” can combine keywords and broaden or narrow a search result, allowing me to adapt my search to the exact parameters and identify the most relevant studies (VanLeer, 2020). Also, using filters to limit the search results is essential. Filters such as publication year, publication type, and language will reduce the number of irrelevant results and focus the search on only the most relevant studies.


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Clinical topic of interest is Hand Hygiene and Infection Control.


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