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Implementing Strategy Through Management Evaluation

Implementing Strategy Through Management Evaluation

Answer criteria:

1,500 words (not including any tables, charts, graphs, or diagrams that may be included in an appendix)


TOPIC Comments
Analysis of Industry – SWOT/Porters 5-Force
Analysis of Strategy – Mission/Competitive Advantage
Key Success Factors
Responsibility Structure – Investment Center What type of resonsibility center should the districts be and why?
Analysis of Capital Investment Project Was the project a good fit for Quality Metal?  Why?  Could have gone into a little more depth.
Performance Measure(s) – EVA
Measurement of Profit & Investment
Uniform vs Differentiated Controls Should the control system for each district be customized or should each district fall until the same uniform control system?
Bonus -Formula-based vs. Subjective,Mix of Salary/Bonus, Not addressed.
  Degree of Profit Sharing
Alignment of Control System with Strategy You could focus a little more on connecting your discussion of the topics/issues to your KSFs.
Other Relevant Issue  









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            Galvor Company has been in existence since the year 1946; it was established as an independent firm in the electronic industry involved in activities such s measuring and testing equipment. The firm was established by Mr. Latour who has been serving as the president of the company.  The firm was sold to Universal Electric in the year 1974, in which case Mr. Latour became chairman of the board of Galvor whereas Mr. Hennessy from the UE Company became the managing director. This move transformed Company from a small independent firm to a multinational corporation……


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