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Short paper on U.S. Immigration Restrictions

Short paper on U.S. Immigration Restrictions

Reference attached short paper on U.S. Immigration Restrictions, the annotations of credible news media sources, and class textbook:

· Cobbs, Elizabeth & Blum, Edward. Major Problems in American History. 4th ed. Vol. II. Boston, Massachusetts: Wadsworth Cengage Learning, 2017.

· Jasso, G., (2021). Analyzing Migration Restriction Regimes. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fsoc.2021.610432/full

· Klobucista, C., Cheatham, A., and Roy, D., (2022). The U.S Immigration Debate. https://www.cfr.org/backgrounder/us-immigration-debate-0

· McCorkle, W. (2020). Problematizing Immigration Restrictions during COVID-19 in the Social Studies Classroom. Research in Social Sciences and Technology, 5(3), 1-24.

· Pierce, S., & Bolter, J. (2020). Dismantling and reconstructing the US immigration system. A Catalog of Changes under the Trump Presidency. Washington, DC: Migration Policy Institute.

· Schacher, Y. (2020). Family separation and lives in limbo: US immigration policy in the 1920s and during the Trump administration. The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 690(1), 192-199.

· Somin, I., (2020). How Immigration Restrictions Harm U.S. Citizens, too. https://www.theregreview.org/2020/12/15/somin-immigration-restrictions-harm-citizens/


In this assignment, you will describe your research topic. If you think about the research project as being like building a house, consider this assignment as forming the foundation. You probably will revise that foundation as you do more research and deepen your knowledge of your topic. Nevertheless, it helps to build your knowledge with some ideas already in place.

Here’s what to do:

(1) Review the Description of a Current Event you wrote in Module 1 your written assignment on U.S. Immigration Restrictions (attached), along with the annotations of credible news media sources you added to the Collaborative Annotated Bibliography Project in this module (also attached).

(2) Using the class textbook, the attached and above mentioned materials, and/or additional sources, write an essay, 500-750 words in length, that includes the following:

– A one-paragraph statement of interest.
– A one-paragraph description of what you have learned to date.
– A one-paragraph preliminary argument.
– A one-paragraph discussion of other resources you plan to consult.
– A one-paragraph reflection on the implications of your research.

If you have completed a basic college writing course, you might recognize this structure as the “five-paragraph” essay. While most research papers ultimately contain more than five paragraphs, the logic of this structure is helpful as you organize work for longer projects.

What is “an argument”? It is your informed point of view on the issue you are writing about, based on the research you have done. A good argument will:

Analyze key opinions on the issue;

Compare and contrast differing points of view; and

Show in a nutshell how you have reached your unique point of view.

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab notes that a good argument is based on a strong thesis that is nevertheless debatable. For more guidance, consult their guidelines for Establishing an Argument.

If you are using the Research Project worksheet, you might want to place the argument in the thesis area. Now also is a good time to look at what you have put on the worksheet so far. Ask yourself:

Is there anything you have written for this assignment that might be worth adding to the introduction you started in Module 1?

What parts of this assignment might fit into other sections of the worksheet?

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Short paper on U.S. Immigration Restrictions


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