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How to write a qualitative study

How to write a qualitative study

Creswell and Poth (2018) state, “I have always felt that the best way to learn how to write a qualitative study is to view a number of published qualitative journal articles and to look closely at the way they were composed” (p. 111). Thus, in Module 3: Week 3 and Module 6: Week 6, you are given the opportunity to examine articles about two different research approaches and write critiques about each of them. For this Article Critique: Case Study Assignment, you will focus on a case study.


After studying the case study article in Appendix F and the authors’ written summary and analysis on pp. 119 – 121 of the Creswell & Poth (2018) textbook, read the Dayal & Tiko (2020) article in the Read: When Are We Going to Have the Real School?: A Case Study of Early Childhood Education and Care Teachers’ Experiences Surrounding Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic item in the Learn section of Module 6: Week 6.

Using the Article Critique: Case Study Template provided with this assignment, summarize the Dayal & Tiko (2020) article. Your summary should be at least three well-written paragraphs.

Your fourth paragraph should contain your analysis. Begin the paragraph with the scripted words and bullet points provided in the template. The four bullet points in this paragraph should contain evidence statements similar to Creswell & Poth’s example.

A title and references page is required. Proper APA formatting is expected throughout the assignment.

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How to write a qualitative study


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