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Wk 8 Discussion 1 – Create a Question

Wk 8 Discussion 1 – Create a Question

Wk 8 Discussion 1 – Create a Question

Sean Tolbert, Dsl

This week, even though it is not included in the Learning Activities section of the course, we are supposed to focus on Human Resources. If you completed all of the reading last week, you should have noticed that Human Resources is covered in Chapter 7 of the textbook. There is a section within this chapter that is titled “Strategic Human Resources Issues,” but this section is very limited in its scope. Please take a look at the entire chapter and think about what else applies to human resources, keeping in mind that human resources are resources. What do you believe the key human resources issues can be when implementing a new strategy?

Best Wishes,

Dr. Tolbert

Write a 250- to 300-word response to the following:

Pose a question based on the literature. Provide background leading up the question, use supporting references, and answer your own question.

Include your own relevant experience as well as 2 citations that align with or contradict your comments as sourced from peer-reviewed academic journals, industry publications, books, and/or other sources. Cite your sources using APA formatting. If you found information that contradicts your experience, explain why you agree or disagree with the information.

Aritz, J., Walker, R., Cardon, P., & Zhang Li. (2017). Discourse of leadership: The power of questions in organizational decision making. International Journal of Business Communication, 54(2), 161–181.

Peters, J., & Smith, P. (1998). Learn to ask the right questions. Journal of Workplace Learning, 10(3), 169-172.

Note: We do our best to ensure these citations are correct within our system’s constraints. We suggest checking your citations to make sure they meet current APA standards

APA Style: Reference Examples This link opens in a new window


Wk 8 Discussion 2 – Elevator Presentation

Write a 250- to 300-word response or post a 1- to 2-min video to the following:

Post an “elevator” presentation on your global expansion report to the class. Consider using video to share the basics of what you are recommending, etc. Post your presentation early if you can.

When you reply a classmate’s post, choose one that has not yet been commented on and include 1 compliment and 1 suggestion. Remember, specific feedback is more effective than general praise. Your compliment and constructive feedback can help one another to improve your global expansion reports.

Sean Tolbert, Dsl

2 hours ago, at 6:33 PM NEW

This week’s discussion post is meant to do a few things:

You never know when you will only have a minute or two to get an important point across. This was something that they beat into us when I was at Deloitte. And it is something that I have found to be true as a senior leader in the federal government. You need to be able to clearly and concisely get your point across to a target audience. This is great practice.

Thinking through all of the key things that you have learned throughout this course and reflecting on them should help you consider which tools you want to prioritize as you continue through your doctoral journey or in your professional life.

Since you are required to produce a video for your end-of-course reflection, this prompt gives you an opportunity to practice using the tools provided by UoP.

I look forward to this discussion!

Wk 8 – End-of-Course Reflection

Assignment Content

Upon completion of this assignment, you will have articulated concepts from this course that made the greatest impression on you. You will also have shared how you plan on further developing your knowledge and skills during your doctoral and professional journeys.

Reflect on the theories and concepts covered in this course.

Create a 2- to 3-minute video in which you answer the following questions:

Which strategic planning concepts resonated the most with you? Describe them in your own words.

Why did these concepts resonate with you?

How has your way of thinking about strategic planning in a changing technology-rich environment changed?

How do you plan on further developing your understanding of these theories/concepts and applying them as a scholar-practitioner-leader?

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Wk 8 Discussion 1 - Create a Question


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