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European Exploration Terms

European Exploration Terms

Discuss why each of the following terms/people are important to American history. Each term should consist of 1 paragraph 5-7 sentences in length.

1. chattel slavery

2. James Ogelthorpe

3. Olaudah Equiano

4. Seminoles

5. Natchez Rebellion

If there are too many grammatical errors I will not release the down payment. Please be sure that you have a good understanding of this topic in history and can write clearly and consisely in the english language.





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  1. chattel slavery

A chattel slave is an enslaved person who is owned forever by a master. The practice was common in English settlements in North America from the 16th century and this gives the term its importance in American history. Chattel salves were treated as complete properties of the owner and could thus be traded, bred, bought, sold and even killed. The owner of the chattel slave popularly known as the master, automatically inherited…


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