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Timbuktu Ethnocentrism

Timbuktu Ethnocentrism

  • Select a movie or TV show that effectively communicates the culture, values, and norms of a society that is different from your own culture.
    • The movie or TV should meet the following requirements:
      • Must be a foreign film with subtitles
      • Provide you with a glimpse of what life is like in another culture
      • The process of watching this movie or TV show should provide you with a unique cultural experience.
  • Watch the movie or TV show that you selected, and use your reactions as part of your response to the following topic:
    • Define ethnocentrism. Discuss how ethnocentrism affects individuals and societies.




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Ethnocentrism is the way we define and judge another culture based on the values and believes of our own culture. From the Movie, Timbuktu that was released in 2014, we are taken through the struggles of a family living in the midst of Islamic jihads. The film features a herder (Kidane) who lives outside the city of Timbuktu, Mali that is under the occupation of Islamists. The lives that Kidane and his family lives brings out the cultural aspects of the Timbuktu people. Watching this film beings out the cultural differences between the people…


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