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Emerging issue in environmental health

Emerging issue in environmental health

Identify an emerging issue  that is not sufficiently recognized or understood as an environmental health problem and write a scientific brief. A brief is a “concise statement or summary” that can be used to quickly familiarize others with the essential elements of a problem. In this instance, you’re reaching out to an audience that is conversant in science and public health which does not possess specific expertise within your area. Your assigned emerging issue topic is the following:  The Temperature-Modulated Trophic Cascade Model Hypothesis: How Ecologic & Demographic Events Lead To Rodent-Borne Viral Outbreaks (Hantavirus).

The text of your brief should be at least two but no more than three double-spaced pages plus an additional page for references and diagrams or figures. The brief should identify the problem as an emerging issue, state how it relates to your area of expertise in infectious zoonotic diseases, justify why it can be considered an important emerging issue, summarize what is known and not known about its’ potential impact on human health, suggest how it might be evaluated to determine whether there is a need for further action. Your brief needs to demonstrate a sophisticated level of understanding about your topic yet be easily understood by your audience. Don’t make them struggle!  For starters, that means avoid using jargon or abbreviations.




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Hantaviruses are those enzootic viruses that usually maintain persistent infections in rodents without having any symptoms. As a matter of fact, the spillover of Hantaviruses may lead to Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome or the hemorrhagic fever with the renal syndrome. This disease emerged in 1993 in southwest and ended up killing around ten people in a span of 8 weeks that is between may and June. The victims experienced symptoms which were flu- like for a couple of days. However, the condition continued to deteriorate rapidly as their lungs were filled with fluids. Death could occur within those hours of onset of crisis period. This infection had no cure or even successful medication and the disease agent was unknown. Therefore, emerging of this new disease prompted various questions…


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