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Egyptian Culture and Architecture

Egyptian Culture and Architecture

Architecture and Egyptian Culture

Select one of the following topics.  The paper needs to be no less than 600 words (not including references), and demonstrate research and critical thinking about the topic of choice. Address why this art/architecture is important to ancient Egyptian culture.

All material must be written in your own words, with proper APA citation for any external sources that you use. Include at least one image and two research sources outside your text.

Topic Choices:

•King Tutankhamen


•Queen Hatshepsut

•Any specific pharaoh

•The Sphinx


•The Pyramids of Giza




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The pyramids of Giza which is also known as the pyramid of cheops or pyramid of Khufu is one of the largest and oldest of the three great pyramids found in Giza Necropolis that borders what is now known as El Giza in Egypt.  In fact, these pyramids are oldest among the seven great wonders of the prehistoric world. They are aslo the only pyramid………..


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