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The Parable of the Sadhu

The Parable of the Sadhu

This week’s assignment will be in response to the questions presented at the end of the case study. Review the full Parable of the Sadhu (PDF) Download Parable of the Sadhu (PDF)and watch \”The Parable of the Sadhu\” case study in this week\’s instructional materials. Please answer the following questions in about two pages (double-spaced) and upload your reflection here.

What are your thoughts about the morality of the behavior demonstrated in this parable? Consider issues around the individual versus group ethic. Do you think the hikers would have acted differently if they were not in a high stress/pressure situation?

Consider the importance of an existing and shared value system in ethical decision making. Would the outcome have been different if the Sadhu was a different ethnicity or socioeconomic class, or if the hikers were from the same country or even the same hiking club?

Consider an alternate ending. What if the hikers had abandoned the goal of reaching the summit and instead ended the journey to help the Sadhu. How could this still have been seen as a meaningful and enjoyable experience?

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The Parable of the Sadhu


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