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Diversity in Criminal Justice

Diversity in Criminal Justice

CJA/336: Diversity in Criminal Justice
Week 2 Assignment: State Demographic Data
Preview the Wk 3 Summative Assessment: Community Policing Presentation and select the gender, racial, or ethnic group that you will focus on for the assessment.

Do the following to research your selected gender, racial, or ethnic group’s representation in the criminal justice system:
o Access the Detailed Data Tool from The Sentencing Project and examine the demographic and population data for the selected racial, ethnic, or gender group in the populations imprisoned in your state. Interpret the data that you find and identify potential disparities.
o Access the United States Census Bureau to compare data for imprisoned populations with the general population.
o Research at least 2 scholarly sources about issues in policing the selected gender, racial, or ethnic group.

Assignment Deliverable
Create a visual aid (graph, chart, table, or infographic) using tools in Microsoft® Word that shows your state’s prison population data for your selected gender, racial, or ethnic group. Ensure that your visual aid demonstrates any disparities you see in the data for your selected group in comparison to the general population in your state or to the majority group, or other groups, in the prison population. Note: It is easy to use Microsoft® Word to copy and paste your visual aid into one document.

Write and UPLOAD (no links) a 175- to 350-Microsoft® Word Paper (No PDF) analysis in which you do the following:
o Summarize your interpretation of the data, including any disparities you see for your selected gender, racial, or ethnic group.
o Identify a strategy for carrying out community policing duties in a way that reduces disparity in the treatment of individuals from the group that you selected.
o Identify a method that community police can use to improve accuracy in the ways that demographic data is reported for crime victims and offenders.

Include at least 3 peer-reviewed sources, one must be the course text. Cite sources according to APA guidelines.

Be Sure to Submit your visual aid, analysis of the data, and citations for your assignment.

If your assignment is in one document name your uploaded assignment Wk2 Your Name
Example: Wk2 Peter Piper

NOTE: All uploaded assignments will be your FIRST & LAST name. The only change each week will be Wk3 Wk4 and Wk5 in front of your name

Assignment Support (Important)

o Watch “Statistics 101: Proportions, Ratios, and Rates” from Statistics Canada on YouTube if you’d like more details about how to interpret statistical data.

Professor’s Resources
CJA 336 Wk2 Example Headings .docx
Wk2 CJA336 Sample Paper.pdf
UOPX.APA Sample Paper (1).pdf
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Diversity in Criminal Justice


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